History of

The Bull and Claw

Our 50th Year

At the age of 18, the Kennebunk H.S. graduate not knowing whether to be a musician, an actor, or a restauranteur ... decided –  “We’ll call it the Bull n’ Bear Steakhouse ... and if the Bear part doesn’t work out we could always change it!” said Daryl Tudisco.      

The 70s philosophy – “Think smarter, work harder, give the customers more for their money!”

On June 29, 1973, the first day the restaurant opened, Daryl and a crew of 5 people along with his Mom & Dad fed over 50 hungry patrons that day! “There were 15 tables, a menu of 5 items and a brand new refrigerator bought on time payments ... and I do mean time payments. Every day I had to put $10 in quarters in a box on the back of that cooler or it would shut off!”

As the years rolled by,  expansion of the menu and building continued ...

One day in 1975, an employee suggested to Daryl that since we didn’t sell much bear meat he should consider changing the “Bear” to “Brew” or maybe “Claw” and we could sell lobsters ... what a novel idea! Steak & Lobster!

With a unique style of service, reasonable prices, and great food, soon visitors from all over New England were making The Bull n’ Claw a destination.

October 16, 1982 Daryl finally marries hishistory daryl old High Schoolhistory wife01 adversary.  The Restaurant changes colors (twice) and gets regular redecorations.

October 7,1984 -Sunday Afternoon - Tragedy Strikes! An exhaust stack catches on fire and the restaurant burns!  Undaunted, the crew takes hammer in hand and completely rebuilds in
27 Days!

As time goes on the family grows ... Three children ... a dog ... a cat ... a hamster ... another hamster ... two gerbils ... 9 goldfish ( they live in the  fountain in the summer).

In 1995 the self service concept transforms into full service which the customers appreciate even more!


Today  In the last 47 year we’ve employed over 3000+ different people and fed millions and millions and millions of happy customers.  We sincerely hope to serve you another 40?+ years while our 70's philosophy hasn’t changed ...

"Think Smarter, Work Harder & Give the Customers More for their Money" 

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1973 Trivia

Minimum wage – $1.75

Gasoline – 38¢/gal

Lobster – $1.50/lb

Avg. Household Income – $8,000-13,000

Average Car – $5,000

President Nixon Declares “I am not a crook ...” in Disney World

Disco Music is born

#1 Song – My Love by Paul McCartney & Wings

Russian Leader Brezhnev tours the US

Juan Peron returns to Argentina